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16'8" means up to 30% fewer laps over standard siding lengths!
With our 16' 4" siding, we install fewer panels than when using conventional vinyl siding.  Our solid vinyl siding features a unique, low-gloss finish and cedar woodgrain that best replicates the natural look of wood. 

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Kids will be kids
With Dura Technology, our vinyl siding resists denting.  Your home is protected from day-to-day punishment.
A Paint-Free World
Unexpected impacts won't cause your siding to chip, peel or flake.  Unlike painted or coated products, our vinyl siding is solid throughout.
Tough Siding - Put to the Test
The world's finest raw materials are blended with exclusive impact modifiers and premium ingredients to form the base for a tougher, longer lasting siding.  Our siding has been through a rigid batter of tests to make sure it will perform where it counts most - on your home!
Impact Test
Our impact test is first performed at 73F (23C). Then, the siding is frozen to 32F (0C) to simulate harsh weather conditions and a second impact test is performed. This results in a vinyl siding product that exceeds industry impact standards by an average of 150%
Shear Test
To ensure your siding withstands the test of time, a shear test is performed. Both the shears and siding are frozen to 14F (-10C) then the siding is cut into sections. The purpose of this test is to ensure your vinyl siding maintains its rigidity under the most severe weather conditions.
Flex Test
A flex test bends the siding almost 180 to ensure you get a tougher, longer-lasting siding. What's even more striking about this test, is that it is performed at 32F (0C) to ensure our siding maintains its structural integrity under the harshest weather conditions.
We use the finest, exclusive Dow Fan-Fold insulation.   Our insulation is specifically designed to be an integral facet of our insulative and beautification system.
Deluxe Soffit and Fascia System
Your roof overhang or "eaves" area of your home can be a problem requiring frequent and difficult painting.  Even if your home is brick or already has siding an unsightly eave can detract from your home's appearance. Our remodeling experts can custom-design the correct soffit and fascia system for your home - whatever it's architectural style.

Features include:

  • Well ventilated - lets hot air out in the summer
  • Prevents moisture buildup that can rot wood under the eaves
  • Enhances the overall appearance of your home
  • Offers long-lasting protection
  • Never needs painting - just rinse with a garden hose to wash it
16 feet and 8 inches!

Available Colors

Note: Not all products are available in all colors. Colors on the web site may not be accurate to the product as images and monitors can skew colors. Make your final selection using only actual vinyl samples!
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